Below our technological and strategical partners:

Logibit srl - Florence (IT)

Logibit srl (IT) is a company dedicated to consultancy, design and realization of electronic boards, firmware development and development of PC software programs for specific applications or for the engineering of complete electronic devices. Logibit has elaborated the electronics of BrOxy M and will be carrying out the upgrade for (upgrade and integration of new sensors, design and development of the new gateway and connections, as well as firmware development).

Tempo Tempo - Carmignano (IT)

Tempo Tempo (IT) is a firm specialised on the development of software infrastructure for business management and time management. Tempo Tempo will develop BrOxy M software infrastructure for telemedicine.

GNG srl - Montale (IT)

GNG srl (IT) is a company dedicated to industrial automatization. GNG designs, builds, installs and maintains any type of industrial line, from plates and blocks of any shape and size, hydraulic power plants, air-to-air and air-to-water pneumatic panels, of any size and dimension according to the customer's specific needs and peripheral switchboards for industrial use. GNG is in charge of the mechanical design of BrOxy M, as well as of the design and building of the production line.

InfoDyn - Milan (IT)

InfoDyn srl (IT) is a digital company based in Milan focused on communication and marketing in healthcare and pharma fields.