The ageing of the population is well known and has been leading to a significant increase in chronic conditions particularly those affecting heart and lungs.

This increase in chronic diseases and the reduced budget of health services have led to a change in the assistance model, moving it outside the hospitals whenever possible.

To be effective, the new model of assistance must count on reliable monitoring tools, able to collect data in real-life.


BrOxy M is a medical device, wearable on the patient’s wrist, like a watch, which measures:

  • SpO2
  • Heart Rate
  • Movement/Physical Activity

The device allows patients to lead a comfortable life while the device continuously records, stores and analyzes measurements of these parameters. This allows the identification, for example, of when oxygen saturation levels drop, and how these episodes might repeat throughout the day. Providing such data to the patient’s clinician via internet (cloud) access will aid the clinician in the diagnosis of chronic respiratory and heart conditions.

BrOXy M is suitable to diagnose and monitor patients with chronic cardiac and respiratory failure, but its use is not limited to cardio-respiratory monitoring:  due to its characteristics, can include persons suffering from many other conditions.

BrOxy M  has been designed to overcome all the known limitations of other similar recording devices.


  • Easy to wear, bracelet-shaped, non-invasive, waterproof, sanitizable
  • Long-lasting battery (> 24 hours)
  • Wireless unit for charging and data transfer
  • Scalable
  • Device specific application methodology to reduce interference and background noise
  • Unbeatable accuracy thanks to the patented calibration system
  • Parameters measured: SpO2, HR, in relation to activity or rest (three-axis accelerometer)
  • All data collected and stored are processed using an innovative proprietary algorithm
  • Remote specialist reporting service


The BrOxy system main components are:

  • wearable device similar to a wrist watch
  • a base unit for recharging and transferring data
  • a patient management software, which analyzes, stores and reports the measured data in a cloud storage location, for easy reference by the patient’s clinicians
  • a power supply (AC/DC converter)

Figure: The BrOxy Architecture

Usage of BroXy M is totally patient-independent. Consequently, patient monitoring and the data recording process will require a very low  human interaction.


A non-invasive and easy-to-wear bracelet: it offers a dramatic improvement in the quality of diagnostic procedures, cardio-respiratory monitoring and clinical data recording (oxymetry data and more) over extended periods of time

An unique calibration methodology: optimization procedure that allows the most accurate collection of SpO2 data.

Accordingly, it is expected that medical doctors will be able to use these improved data sets to diagnose in an easy and reliable way conditions which until now have been difficult to diagnose, or that have not been possible to diagnose using common pulse oximeters.


Main clinical applications of BrOxy M are:

  • early diagnosis of respiratory failure (e.g. in COPD, widespread infiltrative pneumopathies, neuromuscular diseases, respiratory disorders in sleep, heart failure and other chronic heart conditions, etc.) and differential diagnosis of stress or chronic unexplained breathlessness
  • long-term control of clinical evolution of patients with known chronic respiratory failure
  • verification of the effectiveness of the therapy


Figure: A sample BrOxy clinical report


BrOxy M will significantly improve the diagnostic yield and improve the quality of life of the patients.

The availability of accurate clinical data recorded in the patient’s real life allows early diagnosis, simplify ad help clinical management of diseases and speed up the therapeutic process.